Express Asset Management 


Express Asset Management, Inc. is a family owned and operated organization.  We are a Mortgage Field Service Provider and experts in the field of Property Preservation.  Our experience includes over 30 years of preserving and protecting assets for our Client Base.  Our dedicated staff and office personnel have an in-depth understanding and working knowledge of HUD and Investor Guidelines.  In addition, our resources include a Team of educated and experienced Cost Estimators who are capable of creating cost estimates and scopes of work to ensure pricing is within industry standard.

Together, we corroborate with our field technicians and contractors to make certain that compliance standards are met for our Clients, detailed updates are accurate, photo documentations are clear & concise and that assigned orders are done correctly the first visit to the property.

Our uniquely designed platform includes direct employment to field service contractors and technicians; eliminating the need for a middle-man.  This allows us to provide our Clientele with the best possible price and exclude unnecessary mark-ups that are added-on through sub-contracting.  We are a hands-on, technologically advanced company that handles each asset, each work order and each request from our Clients as high priority.  The Quality Control and re-check system we have in place allows us to be proactive with any issues that may arise- before our Clients are updated- So that the updates we provide are accurate and correct.



In addition to normal lock changes, winterizations, grass cuts, REO Renovations and pre-sale/post-sale re-checks, Express Asset Management, Inc. has developed a niche which specializes in HUD Cut Bids, Mortgagee Neglects (out-of-pocket Client Expenses) and Re-conveyances.  This is our forte- which separates us from other companies. 

We guarantee the best price possible for the quality and scope of work we perform to help reduce costs and mitigate financial hindrances to our Clients.  Our Field Expertise and experience include but are not limited to:  Structural damages, roof repairs, foundation issues, mold remediation, domestic plumbing systems, electrical damage, drywall renovations, and flooding issues.

  No matter how small or large the job may be, each project is treated with a sense of urgency.  Weekly QC checks, sight visits, and updates to our Clients are part of the process which separates us from a typical preservation company.